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Animals in care homes, hospitals and for recovery and mental well-being is not a new phenomenon, think fish tank in the doctors surgery, but it is not just stroking furry animals that has an impact on mental health. Reptiles are joining health teams around the world to aid humans as more studies are correlating improvements in health with animal interactions. We know not everybody has the time, space or ability to keep their own animal, that’s why us bringing the animal to you works so well.


Snakes alive have been providing snakes and spiders to help with this cause since it was established in 1996. We have helped hundreds of people overcome fears and improve confidence with leading experts in Neuro-Linguistic Programming; provided fun and stimulating encounters for children in hospices, including bring Halloween to the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital and provided work experience for those with Learning difficulties and Behavioural difficulties to name but a few. 

We can change our offerings to suit your settings and needs, so simply get in contact and explain what you are after. Still not sure what you are looking for scroll further to find out why choosing our animals can benefit you and some of the services and places we visit.  


Tailor made services are just a few clicks away!

Why choose us?

Improve Concentration

Encountering animals improves concentration as you need to stay focused on their movements and welfare. 

Sense of Personal Achievement

We are always patient with participants that are unsure of the animals or situation and never force people to hold, however, with time, encouragement and friendly advice people are so thrilled when they over come a challenge. 

Improve Mood

Feeling that an animal is calm and content within your care is rewarding and can lift spirits and improve confidence. 

Interesting to hold

Our selection of scaley snakes, bumpy lizards, smooth tortoises, hairy spiders and armoured scorpions provide and array of textures and movements that are stimulating to hold or observe.  

Great motivator

Something different going on is a great change from repetitive routines and can encourage participation.

Challenge Misconceptions

Snakes and spiders are often seen as the villains and are very misunderstood creatures. By encountering and learning about them we show how negative stereotypes can be challenged. 

Things we do


If your fear of spiders, snakes, bugs or even tortoises is getting the better of you we can help. 


Children, adults and the elderly that are restricted to hospitals for a prolonged period can benefit from encountering something different. 


Animals are proven to help with mental well being with the NHS recently reporting how  snakes are being used to help with depression. 

Care Homes

Whether its on a Wishing Tree or a Bucket List or because animals help provide an interest we are able to provide animals perfect for the older generations.


We have vast experience working with participants with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities of all ages.


Fulfil a lifelong goal or challenge yourself by encountering some misunderstood creatures. 

Child Services

We have worked with Children's Support Services at a number of locations around Essex.


Our animals have visited a number of Special Education Schools and Referral Units for Children with Emotional or Behavioural Difficulties.

Image by Bram.



We can run a one hour long phobia session from our workshop in Southend-on-Sea to help conquer your fear of spiders, snakes or other invertebrates. 

Image by Tonik
Phobia workshop
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