We provide a variety of science based educational presentations with animals that are easy to handle and observe to suit the age range and topic being taught from Early Years settings, Primary and Secondary Schools to Further and Higher Education levels. 

We are keen to feature interactive encounters with pupils in order for them to better understand and appreciate the natural world. Due to this we always follow appropriate health and safety procedures and risk assessments are available upon request. We also hold the new Animal Activities Licence for Exhibiting Animals (AAL) required by law. 

Understanding the nature and features of reptiles, insects and arachnids is imperative to our line of work, sharing this information enables others to make informed decisions about the treatment of these animals in the wild and in captivity.

Early and Foundation Years

We attend sessions with animals that are easy to handle and observe to suit the age range. We will provide explanations of features within the animals and focus on using descriptive words to educate children about texture and colour.

Schools and Colleges

For classrooms and small groups we take the time to introduce each of the animals and identify key interesting features and differences. We then allow the pupils the opportunity to get up close and encounter the animals for themselves, reviewing some of the things we discussed. 

Home Schooling

As home schooling becomes more popular we have started offering all our school programs to home schoolers and we will come to your home to provide the classes. Contact us for more info.  

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We can provide dedicated sessions to pupils with additional needs, in an environment they are comfortable with. Our animals are friendly and use to being handled. All our staff have many years working with SEN students of all ages.  


Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) 

We can provide animals and a handler for confidence building sessions, to help beat phobias, assisting in therapy for dementia patients, for help fighting depression and much more.  Being a country of animal lovers we all know the positive effects they can have on our lives but not everybody has the time, space or ability to keep their own. That’s why us bringing the animals to you works so well. Especially in schools, care homes and hospitals.  

For themes where the whole school are involved we are able to offer back to back sessions or present in front of the whole assembly and then handling and encounters can be done throughout the day.  

We are able to relate our talks to a variety of themes, click here to find common requests 

* PLEASE NOTE Travelling costs are not included in prices shown and will be added to your quote. 

Teachers please ONLY use those few Animal exhibitors who are licensed by their Local Authority. If you choose a business without a licence then they are trading illegally and their Public Liability insurance could possibly be void. Always ask to see their license.

Read our blog "You can trust us" to find out why you can trust us to provide the best event ever. Click here to read the blog




snakes alive will spend the full school day within your school. This is ideal if you would like long sessions with multiple classes or shorter sessions for the whole school. 

from £325*




snakes alive will spend either the morning or afternoon at your school. Ideal if you would like us to target a specific class topic. 


from £225*



snakes alive will happily attend after school clubs or other youth groups during the term time and school holidays. Price shown is for 2 hours.  

from £175*


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We are able to link our presentations to the curriculum

- discover more below


Experiencing something hands-on is not only fun and exciting but can enable more learnt information to be retained. 


We have been providing educational talks for over 20 years across all age ranges and have a 5 star Animal Activities Licence. 


Our presentations focus on aspects from the Science and Geography curriculum. Below are just a few of the key things we can discuss. 

  • We incorporate the area of life processes by explaining that reptiles, amphibians and insects are part of the animal kingdom with different characteristics.

  • We can explain how our animals move and use their senses to survive.

  • We can bring in sloughed skin to demonstrate how they grow and explain that the majority reproduce by laying eggs.

  • We aim to enhance investigative skills by asking questions such as “How can a snake move without legs?”, “Why do reptiles need heat?”, “What would happen if they ate the wrong foods?” and “How do we find out if an animal isn’t very well?”

  • We also discuss the natural habitat of each animal and can discuss the types of reptiles native to the UK. Our talks can also discuss habitats using geographical vocabulary and highlighting areas on maps.

  • By incorporating encounters we can teach about the care and sensitivity needed to handle the animals whilst using our own senses to learn how they feel and move.

  • We can introduce the different classifications of vertebrate and invertebrate we will discuss the skeletal structure of our animals and how these assist with movement, particularly that of snakes.

  • This discussion will be extended into further aspects of the life processes including nutrition, growth and reproduction and will draw upon the necessity of these features in the different environments they inhabit, with reference to at least two contrasting habitats.

  • We will also comment on the comparisons between humans, the importance of a good diet, food chains and why the environment needs protection and ways this can be managed and improved.

  • Aspects of our talk covers geographical enquiry include the asking of geographical questions and the use of relevant geographical vocabulary when encouraging pupils to describe habitats. We can also relate this to adaptations made from different animals.

  • Where relevant we will discuss why habitats are like the way they are.

  • A specialist talk on native reptiles and amphibians to incorporate aspects of local studies can also be included.​​


Here are a list of common themes that are requested but we are happy to be flexible and will adapt our presentations as required:


Variety Performance - a mixture of reptiles and invertebrates (including tarantulas and scorpions)

Reptiles - a selection of just snakes, lizards and tortoises

Rainforest - animals that live in the rainforest with an explanation of their adaptations

Desert - animals that are adapted to living in the harsh dry deserts

Habitats - Selection of animals from a range of habitats to highlight the differences between them

Mini-beasts - Selection of invertebrates such as tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, giant snails and more

Looking After Animals - A talk focused around the care requirements of keeping reptiles and other exotic animals 

We are also a great add on to theme days and weeks such as:

Roald Dahl Day - Famous for the tortoises in Esio Trot and the bugs from James and the Giant Peach.

Harry Potter - Us Muggles have our very own Boa Constrictors, and larger snakes that can attend along with giant spiders and Scorpions. 

Julia Donaldson - Wizard lizards, sister slugs and not a scrambled snake, or Gruffalo, in sight. 

Eric Carle - Another author that includes reptiles and mini-beasts in a lot of his works.

Science Week - Explore the amazing biology behind reptiles and arachnids


"I just wanted to pass on my very grateful thanks to Daniel and Peter, who visited on Monday.  I was really impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm for the animals; it really was a fantastic experience.  The children were full of beans afterwards and went racing out to tell their parents at the end of the day.   I have also had feedback from several parents who have described how excited and inspired the children were when they got home...I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other colleages, and am very much hoping that you'll come back to visit next year!"

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