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snakes alive can travel to most parts of the South East, Essex and London to provide a wide range of Lizards, Snakes, Amphibians, Insects and Arachnids (Spiders) for hire for use in various campaigns, promotions and productions. 

If you are not sure what animal you are after send us an email detailing what you hope to achieve and we will be in touch. You can also see some of our animals in action in the slideshow below

Please bare in mind we will require parking provided at any location and we cannot carry the animals up or down large amounts of stairs.  

We have teamed up with "Poppy Productions" a fully equipment stuido, with backdrops, changing rooms and lots more. They are based in Southend on Sea close to the Airport and train links . So if you are looking to do a photoshoot with our animals but haven't got the facilties or space why not go to them. Due to them being close to our base we can offer much lower costs and they have everything we require including parking on site. 


Visit Poppy Production website for more information on what they can offer by clicking here


Prices from £99. Contact us for a tailor made package


Visual Media

Perfect for adding content and interest to social media from Instagram to YouTube and TikTok.

Fashion Shoots

Watches, handbags and hats, snakes make great accessories for fashion shoots or photo shoots in general. 

Theatre and Stage

Pete once crawled under the stage with 10 foot long Boa Constrictor Belle to get to stage right in time. 


Drawing Classes

We love seeing the beautiful illustrations of our animals.

TV and Film

Our animals have made appearances on many shows and our staff are experienced at supporting teams behind the scenes.


Charity awareness campaigns, British made chocolate or refreshing ice tea with have help promote various projects. 


From sensual and exotic to creepy and terrifying snakes are very popular and photographic subjects, but our lizards, bugs and tortoises are also available. 

Music Videos

If only our animals had an autograph book you would be able to see the famous singers they have worked alongside. 

Themed Events

From Hubble Bubble Halloween Events to the infamous 'bush tucker trials' from "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" themed parties we are here to help.  

Product Launches

We frequently help companies with product launch events.


We have been on various Radio shows.

Launch Parties

Remember that one time we met Little Mix in a bar? 

Corporate Events

We can add interest to your displays at corporate events and exhibitions or even provide team building within companies. 


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BBC 1 Extra
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male model
King Snakes
Boa Constrictor
Eleanor, Burmese Python
Vindaloo, Corn Snake
Tampa, Corn Snake
Tampa, Corn Snake
Royal Python
Milk Snake
King Snakes
Belle, Boa Constrictor
Belle, Boa Constrictor
Stripey Won, Milk Snake



We have a 5* Animals Activities Licence (AAL). These are issued by the Local Authority and ensure the welfare of animals used in the industry. 


Whilst all our staff are professional and experienced if you are doing an intimate photo shoot and would prefer to only have women in the room, female snake handlers may be available upon request.


If you are in need of a photographer or a studio we can put you in touch with some local professional photographers. 

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