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New Team Member - Dilopho a Frilled Dragon.

Please welcome Dilopho named after the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur which also has a big frill around its neck. We recently re-homed Dilopho from a good home, their circumstances had just changed.

He is a young frilled dragon also known as frilled neck lizard they a native to Australia and Southern New Guinea. He will grow to around 85cm 2.9 feet so is quite a large Lizard.

They tend to be more arboreal, which means the majority of its time will be spent in the trees venturing to the floor only in search of food, or to engage in territorial conflicts. The arboreal habitat may be a product of the lizard's diet, which consists mainly of small insects and vertebrates (usually smaller lizards).

You will be able to see Dilopho at Childrens Parties outside events throughout 2019

Frilled Neck Dragon Lizard

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