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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is well.

This is a post and plea that we never thought we'd have to make.

We still feel it's too early and not safe to start work, the 2 meter distancing rule limits what we can offer at present.

We are hoping to offer something after July 4th we just need to see what happens. At the moment summer events are still being cancelled. We do have a covid 19 plan ready for when the time comes.

We would like to thank you all for donating and helping us through these difficult months but we are not out the woods yet, our expenses are still high and we are receiving no income.

If everyone who liked our page donated just £1 that would help see us through a couple of months of animal supplies and electricity.

To donate please go to www.snakesalive.co.uk and click on the donate button.

Thank you The Snakes Alive team