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Going Green!

Getting Greener

So we have been trying to find ways to make snakes alive as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

We have cut down on our plastic waste and reuse most our old food boxes. what we don't use gets recycled. Most our Viv's are made by us from reclaimed wood or refurbished secondhand Viv's. Our cockroaches eat all our food waste which we then feed to the lizards.

We joined shell+ reward as they offset the fuel we use by investing that money in planting more trees. (We hope they keep their word and this is not false marketing)

Recently we had 20 Solar Panels installed which means on a nice sunny day we burn less electric saving us money and helping the environment. Our energy supplier also uses 100% green energy.

We also have trees, shrubs and a large lawn in our garden which obsurb carbon dioxide and attracts lots of wildlife. We water the garden using rain water collected in tanks around the garden.

Together if we all do our bit we can make the world a better place.

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