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New Snake Alert!!

Have you met our new snake yet? "The General or General for short.

The General is a Japanese Rat Snake, Elaphe climacophora.

They eat a variety of food ranging from rodents, frogs, lizards small birds and even eggs. On the rare occasion they have been seen eatingother snakes

A medium sized snake found throughout the Japanese archipelago. They are a non venomous colubrid. Adults reach a length of between one and two meters and a girth of about five centimeters making it the largest Japanese snake outside of Okinawa. Their colour varies from pale yellow-green to dark blue-green.

"An albino form is known, especially around Iwakuni, where they are known and revered as "Iwakuni white snakes". The albino population was protected in 1924 as a "National Monument"."

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