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Uncertian times

Today we cleaned out our 2 spot Assain Bugs and added more insects for them to hunt and eat.

With all the bad news around at the moment and yes we have been hit very hard by the coronavirus situation in the UK with 90% of our bookings cancelling for the next 3 months we will all get through this and we will insure all our animals are cared for during this time of shortage.

We are still open for business should you want us to travel to you, of course we will only do so providing we are not showing any symptoms and it is safe to do so.

We are offering smaller experiences at a cheaper price if you want something to keep the kids entertained, we can also travel into the Schools that are open if required. We are making gift vouchers available should you wish to purchase a gift for someone that can be emailed to them and used against an experience or party.

Times are going to be hard for us all Keep calm and stay healthy


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