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Axle our Axolotl

Today we gave Axle our Axolotl a bigger tank upgrade. He now has double the space to move around and lots more rocks and stones to hide and play with.

Axle is a Salamander and although he looks like a large tadpole, and in some ways he is. He starts life like most Amphibians as an egg in water, which then develops into a tadpole. Where most other Salamanders contine to transform into a land dwelling creatures Axolotls stay living in water and never lose their gills However they can still transform into a land dwelling creature if water levels get low.

These guys originate from Mexico and are on the critically endangered list. Their habitat is rivers and streams which then get polluted with rubbish and chemicals causing health issue and death.

Axle can be seen at our reptile display and on experience days.

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