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“Snakes are being used as animal "therapists" by the NHS to treat depression.

Doctors say those involved in animal-assisted therapy (AAT) have already shown an improvement in concentration and mood. Louise Helsdown, the occupational therapist running the programme, said snakes were a "fantastic aid" in helping people recover from mental health problems.” The full article can be found here

#snakesaliveuk can provide snakes and other reptiles along with a handler who has worked for many years providing different educational programs for children and adults of all ages and abilities we also provide confidence building sessions, help beat phobias, and animal assisted therapy (AAT) sessions. Being a country of animal lovers we all know the positive effects they can have on our lives but not everybody has the time, space or ability to keep their own animal. That’s why us bringing the animal to you works so well. Especially in schools, care homes and hospitals.


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