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You can trust us!!!

You can Trust us!!!!

We have been getting lots calls and emails recently with people looking for last minute bookings where other #animalencounter companies have let them down. I don’t know the reasons why, but with social media coverage a GOOD reputation means everything.

There are some key pointers all event planners should be checking before booking an animal encounter to attend their #event

1. Check Documents

Most important with any animal encounter company you should be checking their documentation. In 2009 DEFRA brought in NEW legislation governing animal encounter companies. They ALL need to be licensed with their local authority and should provide you a copy of their license on request. If they can’t or won’t walk away. You could get into trouble for hiring them and any insurance they hold will be invalid. Public Liability Insurance is the next document you MUST see, without this if any accidents do happen it could be a legal mess. So make sure you see it. Next is a DBS check, very important especially when the entertainers will be working closely with children. Make sure it is valid; they get re-issued every 3 years. Not as important for small parties, but the company should be able to provide full risk assessments for the event. Good companies are prepared and won’t have a problem getting these documents to you straight away, if they take longer than a few days to get them to you I’d start to question if they had them in the first place or they have sourced them from someone else.

So to recap, ask to see their AAL License, PLI Certificate, Risk assessments & DBS certificates.

2. Check ID

Don’t be scarred to ask for ID, check with the provider who will be attending the event on behalf of the company and ask for ID when they arrive at the door. Safety is everything.

3. Check their terms & conditions

All GOOD animal encounter companies will have a good set of terms and conditions, they are to protect both you and them and should cover everything that could go wrong and include what happens if they cancel or you cancel etc. They might be long and boring but they are very important. We have never cancelled an event without good reason, the reason was due to snow and we cannot travel the reptiles when it’s that cold and we risk getting stuck, we have only turned up late to one event and that was due to a massive road closure. We contacted the client early on to inform them of the situation and were told most the guests were also held up in the same incident and we agreed to carry on heading to them and we started the event once we all got there.

4. Try not to use a booking agent

There are lots of party planning websites about today; these can be good if you’re planning a large event, however it is much better to talk direct to the company you want to use to save any miscommunication. Local companies and word of mouth are best methods to find good companies.

5. You get what you pay for?

We know we are not the cheapest animal encounter out there, however we are professionals. We are not just a weekend business providing parties to pay for our pets. We dedicate our life to our animals working 7 days a week 365 days a year making sure we provide the best welfare to the animals and the best experience for our clients. Snakes alive is our life and our only means of income. If you pay cheap your get a cheap service.

6. Ask around & check Social Media

We have touched on this before in this blog, but companies now days rely on a good reputation. So ask friends check social media do a bit of research good companies will stand out. Look for a good website, nice uniforms sign written vehicles good marketing. These things are expensive and a successful business will always be looking at ways to improve and invest in themselves.

7. Book ahead, don’t leave it till the last minute

Good companies will book up quickly and have many events which they do year on year, for example our #Halloween is normally booked up at least a year in advance. We ask for payment in full on booking for parties and some events, this is to protect us from cancellations. Unfortunately we have had lots of people book us not pay then cancel at the last minute in the past, this means we lose out and other people miss out if we can’t re-book in time. But you are covered in and terms and conditions and IF for any reason we don’t attend (and its NEVER happened) you will get a full refund within 24hours of cancelling.

8. Ask them questions

A good entertainer will know exactly how they plan to run the event they would have done this a thousand times before so ask them question, pick their brains quiz them. You should feel 100% happy you have booked the right company for your event.

9. Remember they know their animals

With a good animal encounter their animals will come first, it might be necessary to cancel outside events or change what animals thing bring due to weather conditions. Reptiles like the warm weather and although a good company will supply heat for their animals during an event it is important you bare this in mind. The company should contact you as soon as possible to inform you of any worries they have regarding the weather and hopefully put in place a plan b. Don’t punish them for cancelling outside events due to bad weather the animals welfare must come first.

10. Always leave a review.

Help others like they helped you leave a review after the event, you don’t have to write loads but on the other hand don’t write to little be helpful in your comment to others weather it good or bad.

That’s it really do you research think about what I’ve said and we hope you choose us, but whoever you choose we wish you a very happy event.


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